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Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee

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Iscritto il giorno 21 mar 2008

  • Asad Ullah

    Asad Ullah

    12 ore fa

    I have been using Xiaomi for a long time now and when the AI feature first came into cameras I hated that it was putting on stupid colours on the food pictures i click. It wasn't good at all and I have kept the Ai off in the camera app ever since throughout the 3 Xiaomi devices I used. I don't like my device doing anything without asking so there should always be option to turn on or off a feature. Some people may like it and some may not.

  • Preston Bunker

    Preston Bunker

    12 ore fa

    I want his shirt, anyone know what it’s called

  • mob1235


    12 ore fa

    this thing is a thick unhandy brick

  • zhaoyun255


    12 ore fa

    Also, Steam Deck got every tool for an easy to install emulator. Heck, you can emulate Switch game on the Steam Deck. LOL

  • Ryan Scott

    Ryan Scott

    12 ore fa

    You underestimate the value of a general purpose robot that can operate in the real world. Nearly the entire built environment is human shaped. It's not going to replace Roomba that's silly.

  • Sandy Kahlon

    Sandy Kahlon

    12 ore fa

    F. 1.7 at 1x would increase to Like F. 3 to F4 on 3-5x. So it's not possible in mobile phone due to thickness. You mate missed out F point limitation of a one camera and Lens in particular and distortion on edges. even if have moving parts what not, Certainly quality will drop too with different set up cameras. Fast shutter is important Lot of limitation in that concept.

  • MarineRado


    12 ore fa

    noticed the Daft Punk helmets and I feel better right away. instant like 😁

  • AR56


    12 ore fa

    Ford should definitely offer these parts as kits.

  • Robert Coe

    Robert Coe

    12 ore fa

    I just got a 14in from work (I had a 15in 2017 MacBook Pro prior) and it's such an awesome upgrade. I don't do a ton of super in depth work on it, but I'm exciting for when I have to start using Adobe on it more. Also, a cool little feature of the 2021 MacBook Pros. The USB-C ports also act as chargers. So if you forgot your charger or bought a back up for the USB-C of the prior models, you can use those to charge. In theory you could plug both in, but it'll only pull power from one.

  • ry sa

    ry sa

    12 ore fa

    well i ve just realized i had never ever used zoom on any shots.

  • seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    12 ore fa

    would not have justified the price bump if I was able to choose between them.

  • Paul Lasky

    Paul Lasky

    12 ore fa

    Hold my mate 20x

  • Yeah Right

    Yeah Right

    12 ore fa

    As a black person, being on those spaces will do that to you. If you don't understand racism/white supremacy everything else will confuse you- Neely Fuller

  • Chris


    13 ore fa

    1:45 but you’re are lol

  • Van Aller

    Van Aller

    13 ore fa

    Creats unimaginable thins but cant spell... So basically its just dreaming

  • Samuel Nonso Nonyelu

    Samuel Nonso Nonyelu

    13 ore fa


  • SamHarrisTV


    13 ore fa

    i got this from zach king

  • Credit Score

    Credit Score

    13 ore fa

    It's still a crime they don't sell a version with Aptx ll support. It could just cost a bit more to account for licensing fees. Literally that one single thing would instantly make them also the best gaming headset on the market. It's like Sony doesn't want to make money. As their most famous character would say, "It's morbin' time!".

  • Dar Z3

    Dar Z3

    13 ore fa

    He says " I'm Marques Brownlee and I review dope new tech." Okay, so is he the dope? Or is the new tech a dope? Or is the seventh Dwarf Dopey? It's interesting how some Black people are such sheeple where trends are concerned. Dyn-o-mite!

  • Xyooj Kwm

    Xyooj Kwm

    13 ore fa

    Soon, Apple will have hardwire retractable power cable on MacBook, iPad, Mac mini, etc. It is still portable bc it'll retract into the body. Send the whole thing back for repair. There won't be anything anything anyone can say bc its Apple. Lmao!!

  • T the Dane

    T the Dane

    13 ore fa

    Hi Marques I would definitely prefeer the S500. I still think we need more information regarding the electric cars like second hand prices, range and how long does the batteries last How much does a new battery pack cost etc. If you ask me in 2025 i might change my mind but not yet

  • عصام مهدي

    عصام مهدي

    13 ore fa

    The iPhone was never soon in jumping to 20 watts

  • Life with krutch

    Life with krutch

    13 ore fa

    Just recently acquired this device and it’s my favorite iPhone ever mostly because of the nostalgia I get from the 5s but all in all I love it so far !

  • Janne Wolterbeek

    Janne Wolterbeek

    13 ore fa

    I am 45 years old, from my teens to now… technology progressed so insanely far and fast. Indeed: What a time to be alive! (So Two Minute Papers, indeed)

  • Elon Musk

    Elon Musk

    13 ore fa


  • Nyubug


    13 ore fa

    Dang I was really hoping they cut the bezel size down on the Pixel watch.. I love my watch active 2 but the bezels are so big.

  • Leo Hndz

    Leo Hndz

    13 ore fa

    Rip Google Play editions. I tinker with Lineage OS a lot on my older devices. However I wish the OEMs would bring them back.

  • TheDarkOne


    13 ore fa

    What if you want to make a u-turn?

  • Mikael Blommé

    Mikael Blommé

    13 ore fa

    Love my XM3s! Have actually bought and tested the XM4s twice as I like to upgrade but been disappointed in the sound quality. The crispness and energetic sound of the XM3s is a keeper. I know it’s contrary to what most reviews samt but definitely the case for me

  • go_rizzo_grow


    13 ore fa

    Spoiler alert, they all suck. The only people that like them suck from apples hog